How To Write Your Instagram Profile Like A Boss


1. Logo or Personal Photo :: The only Instagram users that should be using their logo in their profile are huge companies like Sharpie and Target. Instagram is personal. People want to get to know you. Well, the extremely curated version of you. If you are a blogger or a creative entrepreneur, then 100% use a personal photo. Get creative with props or faraway glances. No smizing, please. For examples of insanely good profile pics, click here.

2. Personal name or Brand name :: Always use your name. Unless you are Sharpie or Target (see above). P.S. Your handle should be your biz name, such as @littlefarmmedia. 

3. Job Title :: Tell people what you do. 

4. Interests :: This is the fun part. Show your sense of humor and creativity, but keep it relatable. What is it about yourself that you think your target audience can most relate to? If you write, "UFO-Abductee, Grasshopper Enthusiast, and Mole-Lover," then most people will think you're a weirdo. Except for me. I would definitely follow a person with that written on their profile. 

5. Location :: Unlike Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, a location feature is not built into Instagram. Make sure to include it. Instagram users will be more likely to follow a brand or blogger that is local. Also, sometimes other bloggers are looking to showcase brands from a specific place. If someone wants to write an article on Bloggers of Chicago or Makers of Portland, make it easy for them to find you. 

Other IG Options.png

6. Pinterest :: If someone likes your aesthetic on Instagram, there is a good chance they will enjoy your Pinterest as well. Unless your Pinterest is all over the place. In that case, get thee to my Pinterest posts. The problem is that people are generally lazy and won't actually open their Pinterest app and spend time searching for you. Occasionally, I change my Instagram active link to URL for my Pinterest page. If you do this, you need to post a picture and mention something about Pinterest in the caption. Be specific about why they should make the effort to follow you on Pinterest. Usually this gives my Pinterest following a little bump. Don't leave the link active for longer than 24 hours. Your first priority is to get people to your website.

7. Link :: Bloggers, you know what to do here. Makers, if you are trying to decide between including the link to your Etsy shop or your website, choose your website. If you don't have a website, you are in big trouble. Not really, but sort of. You have complete creative control of your website and can do a much better job of branding yourself there than you can on your Etsy page. I'm not telling you to close down your Etsy shop, but you should have your own website, too. Squarespace has some nice, clean templates and is very user-friendly.

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If you are stumped for ideas on how to make your Instagram profile stand out, schedule a One On One Brainstorming Session with me. After you nail your Instagram profile, get busy with your Pinterest profile and read How To Write Your Pinterest Profile Like A Boss.

P.S. You may recognize this post from way back in August 2014. We retitled it from "How To Write Your Twitter Profile Like A Pro" to "How To Write Your Twitter Profile Like A Boss" sounds better.