Meet Angelina! She's the social media force behind Rickshaw Bagworks. Follow  Rickshaw Bagworks  on Instagram.

Meet Angelina! She's the social media force behind Rickshaw Bagworks. Follow Rickshaw Bagworks on Instagram.

I learned about Rickshaw Bagworks because everyone in San Francisco knows about Rickshaw Bagworks. Much of their success is due to their social media maven, Angelina. Last name withheld because she is so awesome she doesn't need one. Whenever I meet social media professionals behind my favorite brands, it takes everything I have not to bombard them with ten million questions. In other words, Angelina totally owes me for not geeking out on her. Big time.

1. Who are you, what do you do, and how did it all begin?

My name is Angelina! I'm located in Oakland and work at Rickshaw Bagworks located in the sunny Dogpatch district of San Francisco. I got hired on in May as their customer service representative, when there happened to be some transitions going on within the company. I had built and worked on the past two social media accounts from my two prior jobs- so I stuck my neck out to help take over the social media marketing here.

2. Where can we find you on social media?

We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest

3. What is your favorite hashtag?

I have two favorite hashtags! I love our #freshbagfeed tag. When placing your order with us, you're given the option for us to tweet at you. Once your bag is fresh out of the factory we take a photo and tag you in it, thus being, our #freshbagfeed. It's a really fun and interactive way to connect with our customers. My other favorite hashtag is #sfmade. I love to scroll through all the photos of everything else that's being handmade in San Francisco. It's so cool seeing such a tight-knit community reaching far and wide through the internet. 

4. Why do you use social media?

We use social media because we have so many stories to tell and want to share them with our customers and fans.  Also, Social Media is one of the best ways to hear your customer. Alternately, it's one of the best ways for them to hear you as well. You can resolve a small issue via a few tweets, convince someone to purchase a new bag via Instagram or simply inspire someone through their Pinterest feed. It's a win/win.

5. Which tools do you use for creating or posting content?

We have a lot to work with at the factory in terms of creative use. Beyond a trusty smart-phone we have access to cameras, a Go-Pro and computers with various design programs. I like to keep images clean, cohesive and beautiful- so not too much crazy work needs to go into them. 

6. What effect does social media have on your business?

I think Social Media has a great effect on Rickshaw. We are constantly accessible, which is a necessity if you're a successful business. It's always the best when someone comes in to look at something they saw on one of their social media feeds! 

7. How do you measure success on social media?

I measure the success of our platforms via various analytics. It's interesting to see what works and what doesn't. I don't necessarily think the amount of "likes" is a success. An over-all high reach or a large engagement is successful in my book. 

8. What aspect of social media do you find most challenging?

I find it challenging not wanting to post everything all at once! So much fun and exciting stuff happens in the day to day of a small business that you want to shout it all from the roof tops! Look at this new bag, look who came to visit, look at this new fabric, look how cute our office manager looks today, look look look! Instead I pick and choose the most relevant things, at the best times to post them. 

9. What makes you follow another brand back?

We follow other brands back that interest us as a brand. We're very into any company that is about manufacturing in the USA, biking, DIY, and of course any of our neighbors! 

10. Which brands have social media you admire?

We admire a lot of our neighbors social media accounts. SF Etsy, La Cocina, Parallel Revolution, Tumml, etc. They keep it fresh, connected and interesting!

11. Any advice for other brands just getting started on social media?

Be nice, be consistent, be fresh.