Dear Caitlin :: 1

Welcome to my brand new series, Dear Caitlin. I've been hearing some great questions from all of you on social media. The following questions were asked in my private Facebook group and I though many of you could relate. If you have a social media question, please leave it in the comments below. Make sure to include your handle.

Dear Caitlin,

How much -- if any -- personal content is appropriate to put on business social media accounts?


Dear @expectannika,

Posting personal content is a great way to connect with your audience, especially on Instagram. The key is to make sure that it is always on brand, both in style and voice. Is it something your ideal customer can relate to? Remember that when you have a business Instagram account, you should always keep your customer in mind. Review some of your stats and see if any of your previous personal posts are resonating with your audience. The numbers never lie. 

XO, Caitlin

Dear Caitlin,

Are you in favor of doing Loop Giveaways on IG?

- @meandering_mari

Dear @meandering_mari,

This is a hot topic right now. Some businesses swear by Loop Giveaways and some say they only attract people who wanted free stuff. Oftentimes the real reason we are resistant to new ideas is because we are afraid of failure. What if nobody enters the contest? What if it doesn't increase my sales? What if it doesn't attract the right kind of followers? You will never know the answer to any of these questions unless you give it a try. When you are looking for other businesses to join your Loop Giveaway, make sure your target market is similar. This gives you the best chance of gaining relevant followers.

XO, Caitlin