What's Your Instagram Strategy? | Anna Joyce Design

I am a long-time fan of Anna Joyce. Her Instagram is simply stunning. Nothing fancy, just good composition and lighting. She also is not shy about posting photographs of her products. Why should she be? Her stuff is gorgeous.

If you want to learn more about Anna, be sure to listen to this episode of Kari Chapin's podcast. She talks about how she plans her day and gets {stuff} done.

P.S. Since Anna Joyce has done such an amazing job of building her own handmade biz, she is now offering creative consulting and Etsy shop critiques. You can read more about that right here. 

1. Who are you, what do you do, and how did it all begin?

My name is Anna Joyce. I am an artist, surface designer, author and teacher living and working in Portland, OR. I started by business a little over five years ago with a BFA in printmaking and sewing machine I was given as a wedding gift and I have never looked back. 



2. Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram @annajoycedesign

Twitter @annajoycedesign

Facebook Anna Joyce Design

3. What is your favorite hashtag?

My favorite hashtag is #annajoycehandprints, which chronicles my studio work and new products from my hand printed and painted collection. I also love #trespassingforroses. Last spring here in Portland was so amazing that I found myself creeping up onto people's property to photograph their rose bushes. I am looking forward to the roses blooming again this year!

Was Anna creeping onto someone's lawn to take this shot?  instagram.com/annajoycedesign

Was Anna creeping onto someone's lawn to take this shot?  instagram.com/annajoycedesign

4. Why do you use social media?

I enjoy sharing my studio practice with a community of makers and supporters who are interested in my work. I have also found that I really love the social media community and have made many friends and business contacts, especially through Instagram.

5. Which tools do you use for creating or posting content?

My iPhone! I use the app Afterlight to retouch and color correct my photos.



6. What effect does social media have on your business?

Instagram has had a huge effect on my business! I have had many business opportunites come from IG including growing my customer base, new wholesale accounts, magazine articles, blog posts and even a large feature in an upcoming book on makers in their spaces. It has also been really amazing connecting with other artists and designers and following their work. 

7. How do you measure success on social media?

I think success for me can be measured by how much my customers and followers engage with my posts. If people are liking and commenting on the work the content that I am putting out then it feels like a success. I often post photos of works in progress to see what gets the most attention (or doesn't). It is an free and easy way to test an idea, color or product directly with the market that will potentially be buying it.



8. What aspect of social media do you find most challenging?

Being vulnerable. If a post is getting no love it is hard not to take it personally. I also find that it is easy to compare myself to other makers and feel like I am not as successful/ stylish / fill in the blank as they are... If I am having a bad day I try to just put my phone away, and focus on the task at hand. 

9. What makes you follow another brand back?

Great photography and witty captions. I am love people who can manage to do both!



10. Which brands have social media you admire?

I love photographer Dane Tashima @danetashima on IG. His feed is gorgeous, filled with amazing locations and styling inspiration and his captions are hilarious- it is a perfect feed. 

The photographer, cook book author and blogger Aran Goyoaga has the most beautiful instagram feed @canelleetvanille . Her photos have a beautiful mood, and inspire me to cook!

I love following @frolicblog . Blogger and prop stylist Chelsea Fuss is traveling the world and her photos capture the little moments that make travel so special.



11. Any advice for other brands just getting started on social media?

Show your best self while still being honest. And always use natural light for your photos if you can!

If you are feeling stumped for what to post on Instagram, then schedule a One On One Brainstorming Session with me. You will walk away with a content calendar and a clear understanding of how to grow a relevant following quickly.

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