Best Facebook Groups For Creative Biz Owners

I know Facebook is a thorn in the side of many creative business owners. This post will change that. One of the most profitable parts of Facebook for me has been Facebook groups. In addition to my own kick-ass, super amazing, bossy Facebook group filled with thousands of coaches, bloggers, and entrepreneurs (which you can join for free right here), I want to share another one that I am in and absolutely love. 

There are many super newbie groups that focus on VERY basic aspects of your business, but I don't hang out in those. Those groups serve a purpose, but they aren't necessarily my scene. The other kind of Facebook groups you will find are those that are SUPER spammy. They are filled with promotion after promotion and there is very little dialogue happening. Each group has it's own vibe, determined largely in part by the host. 


Before you read the list of my favorite Facebook groups, I am going to get a little Miss Manners on your ass and give specific examples of what to post and what NEVER to post. This guide will show you what I do to make the time I spend in Facebook groups enjoyable AND profitable. Cha-ching. 

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1. Creative Biz Owners - Hosted by Caitlin Bacher of Little Farm Media

Description: "Not to brag, but this group is filled with the most amazing creative business owners you will ever meet in your whole entire life. If you are a creative business owner and like to have FUN, then get in here!"

The Vibe: Bossy, Smart, and Fun. 

Who Should Join: Creative Biz Owners: Makers, Artists, Designers, and Bloggers 

Frequent Topics: Social Media, Marketing, Production, Pricing, Handmade, Branding, Wholesale, Web Design, SEO, Etsy, Web Design (hint: if you provide any of these services, you should totally get in here) 

2. Savvy Business Owners - Hosted by  Heather Crabtree 

Description: "This is a private group for women who are or want to be Savvy Business Owners."

The Vibe: Savvy, Collaborative, Generous

Who Should Join: Savvy Business Owners - Wedding/Event Planners, Creative Consultants, Professional Service Providers

Frequent Topics: Outsourcing/VA, Streamlining, Web Design, Branding (hint: if you provide any of these services then get in there!)

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