How To Use Periscope Like a Boss

If your creative business has an account on Periscope and you don't know what to do there, then keep reading. Periscope is new and fun, which means a lot of businesses have jumped onboard. Build your following now before it gets super crowded. Before you start posting a bunch of rambling videos, I want you to remember this. If you want to use it as a business tool, then you need to scope content that your target audience wants to see. If you are an artist scoping biz tips, that's great if you want to start consulting or want to attract an audience of struggling artists. If you want to SELL stuff, then read on. P.S. You can find me giving a TON of social media tips on Periscope: @littlefarmmedia


This script will help you plan out the first 5 minutes of your Periscope broadcast AND help you grow a loyal following quickly.

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1. Tips. What are you an expert on? There are A LOT of business coaches on Periscope, so if you are a biz coach, then you need to create niche content in order to stand out. Just because you see someone with lots of followers scoping about email lists doesn't mean that you should if you aren't an expert! Tips are not just for biz coaches. If you sell skincare products, then give your audience tips on how to take care of their skin. If you sell accessories, then offer your audience style advice. 

2. Behind the scenes. Work in progress scopes show the time and effort that go into creating your product. Your product might be an e-course, a painting, a blog post, or a freaking birdhouse. I don't care what it is, show your audience how you did it! There is a reason Bob Ross was so famous and why home renovation shows are so popular. 

3. Unboxing videos are a great way to show how special your product is. I am obsessed with unboxing videos. Yesterday I watched a dude scope for 10 minutes just so I could watch him unwrap a dang memory stick. I have a zillion memory sticks, yet I was totally captivated and had to hold back from commenting: "Show me the stick already!" 

4. Demonstrate how to use your products. Think about QVC for a minute. They will fill up 60 minutes of air time with floral blazers. You probably make something better than a floral blazer and should have no time at all doing a product demonstration for a few minutes. P.S. I just decided we should bring back the floral blazer. Who's with me??? Periscope is just like QVC in that you have constant interaction with your audience. Ask them how they would use your product. Would they use it in a house? Would they use it with a mouse?

5. Save your videos. You can adjust the settings on Periscope to automatically save each scope to your phone's drive. Upload your videos to Facebook or YouTube directly from your phone! Repurposing content is a great way to save time and reach new audiences. Videos are super engaging on Facebook and will really stand out on the newsfeed. 

6. Write a great headline. Put some thought into your title and add key words that describe your content. Emojis also are a fun way to make your Periscope headline stand out. Not to harp on my whole floral blazer idea, but just imagine the emoji you could use. The possiblities are endless!

7. Tell everyone you're on Periscope. Your followers might not be on Periscope yet, so give them a reason to join. Write it in a newsletter, make announcements on your social media, and add it to your email signature. Tell people what to expect when they follow you. If you don't make it sound good, they won't do it. 

8.  Tell everyone on Periscope you're on Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook. If you are an artist and have a beautiful Pinterest account, take some time to show everyone. People like to see what inspires you. If you are a branding expert, show people your Pinterest board that is filled with branding boards. 

9. Make the most of your first five minutes. I've included 5 things you MUST say during the first five minutes of each scope. They work to help you connect with your audience and grow a following quickly. Click here to get instant access to 5 Specific Things To Say On Each Periscope Broadcast. If you aren't on my newsletter and don't know the super secret code, then click here.

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