I've been thinking about what hashtag I should create for my business on Instagram. First, I considered what my goal for the hashtag was. If it was to spread the word about my business and draw in new people, I would use #littlefarmmedia. That wasn't my goal. I have other ways of reaching new people through Instagram to consistently build my following.

My goal for this hashtag is to provide a valuable tool for my community to connect with each other.  I've received so many emails, messages, and comments about how all of you are reading my social media tips and finding creative ways to use them. This makes me so happy! I want to empower, not overwhelm, you with tips and make you chuckle along the way. Social media is serious business, but it should still be fun. 

So, meet #mycreativebiz. Use this hashtag while giving a behind the scenes look at your creative business. It might be a styled shelf, an arrangement of hand tools, a glimpse of your desk, or a finished product. Use it on any image that shows you working on your creative biz. Search the hashtag to find other creative business owners to connect with. Provide encouragement. Engage with each other. Meet a new friend. Get inspired about posting new photos. Above all, have fun.

P.S. If you are still NOT in my private Facebook group where creatives talk about social media. Get in there!