Does social media give you a panic Attack?

Why does my Instagram feed look horrible? Why isn't anyone following me on Pinterest? How do I get sales from Twitter? What's the deal with Facebook? How do I gain relevant followers that will actually BUY something from me? I WISH SOMEONE WOULD JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO!


Bossy Biz Ladies systematically teaches you profitable social media strategies that work. Stop wasting your time reading random social media advice that is completely irrelevant to your biz. I've personally used all of these social media strategies to take my own biz from $0 to $12k/month in less than 6 months. For real.

No lie, I am seeing results in just a couple days! Sometimes pursuing a creative career path can feel like you're making it up as you go, so I've loved the wisdom and support from Caitlin! - Natasha Martin of Violet Tinder Studios - Follow Natasha on Instagram here.

Who should buy Bossy Biz Ladies?

Bossy Biz Ladies is for ANYONE who want to learn how to grow a relevant following quickly and increase sales with social media. This is NOT a technical course for social media newbies. If your biz is already on social media and you want to finally start seeing results, you need this course.

Here's What You Get

+ LIFETIME ACCESS to the course.

+ ONLINE COURSE CONTENT covering Branding, Target Market Research, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter

+ STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for how to get relevant followers fast for each platform.

+ REAL SALES TACTICS for turning those follower into customers.

+ SUPER SECRET GROUP with other ladies taking the course.

+ 25 PAGE WORKBOOK to keep you on task.

How much?

I'm dropping knowledge bombs that were previously only available in my private consultations, which now cost $350/hour.  I am giving FOUR consultations worth of info for $157 for a limited time only. We can do this one on one, but it will cost you $1,400. Save yourself a TON of time and frustration and invest $157 in your biz today. 

Let's Do this.

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Love + Praise

After only one week of taking her advice, my Instagram followers have doubled, and my other social media followings have increased dramatically as well. What's more, my new audience is super engaged – and they're buying my stuff! In short: Caitlin is full of great advice, and she's super friendly and easygoing, too. I only wish I had found her a whole lot sooner! - Nicole McIntosh of Wise Apple Vintage - Follow Nicole on Instagram here.

Now I have repeat customers that found me on IG. Pinterest followers have increased from 488 (on 3/30) to 948 (on 4/28), but more importantly, Pinterest is now sending customers my way, which it wasn't before. Repins are up to an average of 75 per day, previously a dismal 1-5 repins per day. Twitter and Facebook are growing slowly, but I have engagement now since I've implemented sharing IG photos. - Kristan Kramer of Stitcherie - Follow Kristan on Instagram here.

Finding the right followers was my main social media issue. I could find other makers to follow me, which is great, I love supporting other makers, but it is also nice to find all those who don't make and want to buy. 2 days in and 25+ new followers and 1 quick sale right away from my personal website NOT Etsy. It made my day!

Caitlin has amazing tips and tricks. I had been avoiding joining for so long and thought, oh I can figure it out on my own. But finally decided to give it a go and don't regret it at all. That sale that I received right after tweaking my Instagram paid for the course and I still had money left over to buy many cups of coffee :) and we are only in the third assignment! Can't wait to see what else we learn. - Danielle Guttman, of Miss Balader