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"I loved working with Caitlin! I wasn't sure what exactly our consultation would entail, but found her totally personable and easy to talk to... like chatting with a friend. She not only shared great feedback on my social media, but gave me some tangible strategies to use.

No lie, I am seeing results in just a couple days! Sometimes pursuing a creative career path can feel like you're making it up as you go, so I've loved the wisdom and support from Caitlin!"


Nicole McIntosh of Wise Apple Vintage - Follow Nicole on Instagram here.

"Having a One On One Brainstorming Session with Caitlin was so incredibly helpful. Before we chatted, I felt like my social media presence was pretty directionless. I was doing my best to juggle all of the things I thought I 'should be' doing, and as a result, didn't feel like I was doing anything quite right.

After talking with Caitlin for just an hour, all of that changed. She not only tackled the questions that I had come up with, she answered questions I didn't even know I had. She helped me formulate a social media strategy that seems totally do-able – with tasks to start on as soon as we hung up the phone, as well as plans to implement going forward.

After only one week of taking her advice, my Instagram followers have doubled, and my other social media followings have increased dramatically as well. What's more, my new audience is super engaged – and they're buying my stuff! In short: Caitlin is full of great advice, and she's super friendly and easygoing, too. I only wish I had called her a whole lot sooner!"


Kristan Kramer of Stitcherie - Follow Kristan on Instagram here.

I felt that I really needed guidance with my social media. I was on a mission to find as much information as I could, and read SO many blog posts. I can't remember which one turned me onto you, but I ended up signing up for your newsletter and I think that's what made me realize I wanted to work with you. I like your personality and that you don't talk down to me. I have a hard time asking for help, so it's important to me that the people I reach out to are approachable!

I immediately implemented all of your suggestions the moment we hung up. I have numbers! IG followers have increased from 1228 to 1448 in 28 days. Likes average 60-80 now, previously 25-50. Comments are increasing daily. Now I have repeat customers that found me on IG. Pinterest followers have increased from 488 (on 3/30) to 948 (on 4/28), but more importantly, Pinterest is now sending customers my way, which it wasn't before. Repins are up to an average of 75 per day, previously a dismal 1-5 repins per day. Twitter and Facebook are growing slowly, but I have engagement now since I've implemented sharing IG photos


Phyllis Sa of Phyllis Sa Design - Follow Phyllis on Instagram here.

I was a social media dunce and needed help - fast!! Your session was within my budget so I figured this was a great place to start! I've been putting my energy into building my Instagram account and laying the groundwork for further social media growth. I feel much more confident and comfortable being involved in the conversation and I see that reflected back in my social media presence. 

My Instagram account went a little over 100 followers when we talked at the end of March to almost 400 at the end of April.  I would have never engaged the way I did if it weren't for the confidence I started gaining after this session.


Danielle Guttman of Miss Balader - Follow Danielle on Instagram here.

"Finding the right followers was my main social media issue. I could find other makers to follow me, which is great, I love supporting other makers, but it is also nice to find all those who don't make and want to buy. 2 days in and 25+ new followers and 1 quick sale right away from my personal website NOT etsy. It made my day!

Caitlin has amazing tips and tricks. I had been avoiding joining for so long and thought, oh I can figure it out on my own. But finally decided to give it a go and don't regret it at all. That sale that I received right after tweaking my Instagram paid for the course and I still had money left over to buy many cups of coffee :) and we are only in the third assignment! Can't wait to see what else we learn."


Avery Thatcher of JUJU Papers - Follow Avery On Instagram.

I was completely out of touch and uninvolved with social media when Caitlin pitched me with a social media consultation. Frankly, as a tiny design and manufacturing operation, I was way too busy to even think about it. However, Caitlin had a clear plan and objectives that made it really easy to say yes, since it involved very little work on my part. Caitlin was able to work with my budget and timeline to come up with a plan that worked for my company. She researched and set me up on all of the pertinent forms of social media for my field, checking in for my approval all along the way to make sure she was matching my voice in my profiles. Now, I have a few clear responsibilities, and she maximizes and leverages every bit of content that I give her in a way that I would never have time to do myself.

In a nutshell, my sales have doubled since I hired Little Farm Media. I used to primarily get sales in metropolitan centers, but now I get sales all over the country. I attribute a large part of this increase in sales to Caitlin's social media strategy to broaden my customer base. One of the best things about Caitlin is that she recognizes that designers are busy, so she focuses on what works and what is going to be fast and effective for her clients. She makes my life so much easier. I honestly can't imagine how I could ever replace her.